Concept Development – My Idea

My original idea, like I said before will be using the Leap Motion Sensor. I want to utilise it to create an interactive puzzle game.

The description of my game will lie somewhere between Curling and Crazy golf. Holding your fingers in the air, you will pick up your Puck and throw/slide it with however much power you feel is needed in the direction you want it to travel in order to dodge/scale obstacles and land as close as possible to the centre of the target area to score maximum points and complete the level.

This is the bare bones of the game that I want to create, I have already thought about lots of different types of Pucks or terrain that will make the game more interesting.

In regards to design I want to go with a very flat and clean style so that the game will largely be about the gameplay rather than lots of fancy graphics.

I got a lot of my inspiration for my game from a game called Olo which is available for iPad and iPhone. It is a multiplayer game where your aim is to slide the circles through your area and into the opponents target area. I really enjoyed the smoothness of the physics as well as the athletics of the design of this game and wanted to expand and adapt it within my own application.

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