Down to Two ideas:

I’ve whittled it down to two ideas, both revolving around the theme of space and planets for that’s what interests me most and I feel will best keep me motivated as well as accurately representing myself to prospective employers.

First idea: You are an alien entity, free roaming and devouring your surroundings, in any given level you will start off small and travel around consuming other objects within the level. When you consume other objects you will gain in size and be able to devour larger objects, thus creating an endless cycle until you are the largest entity in the level and completing it. A fully working game would start at microscopic level working its way up and up until you are as large as galaxies and devour the enter cosmos.

Second idea: You are a god like character, roaming around space creating planets of varying sizes and setting their gravity scales and mass types etc. The aim of the game/experience would be to create either harmonious solar system with different cool and interesting formations. Or to create an aggressive type of solar system with lots of planet collisions and explosions, whilst seeing the new formations and orbits formed from the destruction.

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