Final Idea choice:

I’ve decided to go with the first idea for a few reasons. To name a few: firstly the controls would be fairly complex in order to only use the leap motion within the 2nd idea. Which may prohibit users from being able to fully enjoy my project. On the other hand within the 1st idea the controls would be fairly simple, once the users  orientate themselves with the movement controls they should be able to have fun quickly.

The second  idea will have a lot of heavy math equations to calculate the gravity and orbits of the planets, considering this is my first game and leap project, I’m not sure that I would be able to learn fast enough in order to create the project I want within the time frame. Within the first idea there would also be gravity physics but they would not need to be as complex or created on the fly.

Finally I believe that my first idea would be more fun for more users, the concept is simple and easier to grasp and would appeal to a wider audience.

These are some of the reasons that have lead me to choosing the first idea, i have also decided on the name Conquer the Cosmos which i feel fits my idea perfectly and as an added bonus the ULR is ripe for the taking!

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