Game creation environment and language:

Now that I have decided upon my idea, I need to choose an environment to create my game in and the language to use.

I have a few options: create a standalone application in C++. I am still a complete novice at C++ so this would take a extremely large amount of learning in order to produce a good prototype. But would also produce a fast and efficient application whilst teaching me a valuable language.

Use unity, I can develop my game reasonable quickly whilst learning more c#, the game creation side would take a lot less time being able to utilise all of unity’s features, like containing its own physics and graphics engines. However I’m not sure that I want to pursue a career in unity development. So my graduate project may be easier to produce but wouldn’t benefit me as much.

Finally I could code within the browser using JavaScript and the various open source libraries online. It would also be a lot of work learning JavaScript properly; although I know some basic syntax and have created a widget on my placement I am miles away from being capable of creating a whole game. I would also need to decide upon the libraries I’m going to use. However this is the direction I am most interested in, 3D programming within the browser is fairly new at the moment being led by open source libraries. In addition, the skills I learn and knowledge of JavaScript I would acquire would transfer to other aspects of web development.

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