Producing a game/experience for the leap motion will limit my target audience considerably, however developing for the browser increases that target audience to its maximum capacity.

Being cross platform compatible and allowing anybody who has an internet connection to experience my project. My project will appeal to all ages, once the user learns the simple controls they will be able to interact at their own pace. There are lots of experimental projects already available on the internet, for example HERE + Leap ( or Hex GL ( which are available for free to use. There is a section on the leap motion store called airspace specifically for web links to projects as well as unofficial blogs that link to less cooperate projects ( On completion of my project I will be able to submit it to these sites in order to increase its audience.

Although my game is primarily built for the Leap Motion if there is time once the core features have been developed I may create subsequent controls for none leap users with the keyboard and mouse, thus increasing my target audience hugely to anyone with a computer and internet connection.

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