After much deliberation, I have decided to use three.js as my JavaScript 3D library. There are a few predominant reasons, these being:

Three.js has the largest collection of examples, allhosted online with their source code available on github.

Three.js also seems to be a large following online, having regular questions posted and answered on stack overflow and as well as still having active collaborators on the GitHub page.

There is also a large collection of documentation, however a fair amount of it is incomplete.

The community following that three.js has was my main reason for choosing this library; being a complete novice I may run into some trouble down the line. This may prove problematic seeing as my lecturers haven’t had any experience with coding 3d with JavaScript or subsequent libraries. If I become completely stuck there will likely be someone who may be able to help me if I create a codePen or similar and post a question on stackoverflow.

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