Another step in the right direction:

I’ve managed to update the new controller to some extent. Now the camera rotation works fine with the most up to date version of three.js but the movement is restricted to the z-plane no matter what direction the camera is facing.

I have spent hours studying the release documentation provided by three.js to see what’s updated and may have effected my controller but I’m at a loss.

At this point I’m not sure where to turn, it seems I’m running out of options. The technicians at my university haven’t used these libraries before so they will have less knowledge than me of any possible solutions. They may be able to provide a 2nd pair of eye, which can be useful at times, but I fear this is not one of those times.

I’ve created a stack overflow question detailing my problem and how I think it may be solved in the hope that there is a kind stranger out there willing to lend a hand. (

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