Name: Andy Joyce

Role:   Physics Consultant

Andy asked me to collaborate on his project, to help him with the physics within Toast the Most. I have done a fair amount of work with physic and enjoy figuring out the maths puzzle that come alongside it so i was happy to lend a helping hand. The main problem that andy faced was with the jump of his character because the character doesnt move but the scene moves behind it this proved to be fairly tricky. After a couple of days of work we managed to write a script to the standard that Andy was happy with.


Name: Louie Babb


Similarly to how Louie contributed to my project, i did the same for his. Considering that we live together we were always around to discuss our projects meaning we could both talk over every aspect of our projects throughout the development processes. Providing second opinions on the work we had produced and our plans for the next stage of development. Keeping each other motivated and encouraging each other to persist with the difficult tasks and long nights ahead of us.


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