Through the course of the project and blog my development skills have improved tenfold I have transgressed from near enough a novice at JavaScript and game development to being completely comfortable with the syntax and have also learnt four separate libraries and their functions.

As my project progressed through my spiral development cycle my project as a whole also developed, as it became clear what was possible with my libraries some of my game objects evolved alongside them. Taking my time constraints into account I realised that some of my aim were unachievable, such as black holes to avoid. However overall I am very happy with my progress throughout this project as well as the end product that I have managed to produce. I have impressed myself with the amount of dedication and time I managed to commit to this project. Toward the end of my project the speed at which I have been able to solve problems increased dramatically and the frequency at which they arose also dropped considerably for my knowledge of the syntax had also become much more adept.

Taking a step away from the project its self I amĀ also extremely happy with the leap my developing skills have managed to take I now feel confident in my own ability as a coder and feel with the right motivation I will be able to progress my knowledge even further into any aspects of coding. After university when looking for a job I feel that I will be able to walk in to a job interview with confidence in myself and my ability to be flexible enough to fit into any kind of working environment.