Production Analysis: Methodologies:

I have been using and will continue to use a couple of methods and development processes for my graduate project.

Top down approach:

I have been using a top down approach, starting broad looking at a range of possibilities. Then assessing their benefits and limitations to find the best possible route to take. Then repeating this process on the next level until you reach the bottom level and have a finished product. An example of this process was when choosing my development environment and coding language, I found my options and researched their benefits and limitations. After weighing them up I decided upon the path to take, this time being to code in JavaScript and develop for the browser. On the next level I started by researching the libraries available for JavaScript and weighed their benefits and limitation to decide the best option to take. This process will be repeated until the project is finished.

Spiral Approach:

Along side the top down approach I will be using the spiral approach for my development process. Starting by defining all of the areas I need to develop, ordering them in importance, start developing said, area testing it to see how well it works and if it accomplishes my aims. Then repeating this process, assessing my defined areas, adding to or subtracting from that list and choosing a new area to develop.