Name: Andy Joyce

Task: Web Design 

Through his time at bournemouth and his career at zeeta andy has had to develop his design skills to a much higher standard than mine. Being a coder through and through i struggle with the motivation to start web design, i am able enough to tell whether something looks good or not but sometimes have a lack of ideas. Andy worked with me over a couple of days on a consultancy basis, whenever i had a problem or was stuck for an idea andy would help me overcome my problem. With his help i was able to produce a web design that looked clean and fitted my project so i am very happy with his support!

Score 5/5


Name: Louie Babb


Me and Louie live together so throughout the course of our project we have both been available to talk over every aspect of concept develop, planning and technical development. Very regularly after a long day and nights coding and development we could visit each others rooms and talk over the days work, showing each other our progress and asking for the others opinions. We would also talk over breakfast of our plans for work for the day and encourage and motivate each other to continue working when either of us had a lack of motivation. Louie has been and invaluable resource throughout my project, i don’t believe that without his second opinion of many aspects of my project, that i would of been able to produce the level of work that i have achieved.

Score 5/5


Conquer the Cosmos – Short explanation

Conquer the Cosmos is my graduate project game, built entirely in javascript. Using open-source libraries hosted on github, these being Three.js for visuals, Cannon.js for physics, Leap.js for LeapMotion controls and Tween.js for visual animations(e.g camera movements and object scale changes).

My aims for this project was to become adept at developing with these modern libraries and be able to create an intuitive game utilising the very modern technology – the LeapMotion.

Conquer the Cosmos concept: You control an unknown ‘alien’ entity on its journey of destruction. A full fledged game would begin at microscopic level and end at a cosmic level. Controlling the avatar with your own hand through the LeapMotion, As you roam around you can devour other objects in the scene which are smaller than you, the more you consume the more energy points you gain and larger you get, thus the more objects that are available to consume. Eventually ending in your avatar being the only thing left and conquering the cosmos.  I decided to create only one level – the solar system level – because i wanted to create it to a high standard(each level is fairly large, with much practice and knowledge of the game it still takes me between 10-15 mins to complete). Having the controls and functionality working as best as it can within the time frame. The core functionality is all in place for more levels to be developed.

When playing Conquer the Cosmos, at first it may take you a couple of minutes to get used to the LeapMotion controls, but i encourage you to persist for they provide a much more fun gameplay (and was the main reason for my whole project). I only added keyboard controls because i am aware that targeting only LeapMotion owners limits my target audience considerably.

I’ve created a short video to help learn the controls:

On my website there are also links in the nav bar to dialog boxes containing references for the controls and instructions.

I would also like to add (seeing as my whole blog hasn’t been populated yet so wont be a reference point)  -Incase you are unfamiliar with the javascript libraries i used, coding a 3D physics based game in the browser is no walk in the park, especially for a complete novice. Nearly everything that would have been easy to do in unity was a mountain to climb. For example having to constantly communicate between large arrays of visual objects and physics objects, translating their position, rotation and when to be removed etc. Creating a gravity host for moons and small comets, required very confusing math equations and pre-step functions. Even something as simple as animating the camera movement within a container object and animating the avatars scale increase on collision required a whole separate library. I’ll stop there, but as i’m sure you’ll see after my whole blog has been populated with the problems i encountered and solution i found, that these were but some of the simplest problems i ran into.

I hope you enjoy my game!